How Force Multipliers Can Help Achieve High Change Levels With David Frees III


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The military is one of the forerunners who use force multipliers in their operations. In this episode, guest, David Frees III, talks about them in the context of business and law. David M. Frees III is Chairman of the Trust, Estates, and Wealth Preservation section of Unruh, Turner, Burke and Frees and a Co-chair of the Elder Law Solutions section of the firm. He uses his decades of experience in sharing how force multipliers are useful in the industry. He discusses them into three levels and gives examples of each. David introduces the concept of the OODA loop, as developed by Colonel Boyd for fighter pilots, and its usefulness for lawyers. Known as the Master of Communication skills, he then shares his knowledge on unconsciously setting up awareness in clients, building and maintaining trust, and gaining referrals as much as possible.

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