The Magic Of A Recurring Revenue Model With Joshua Satterlee


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What can lawyers and CPAs learn from a Las Vegas chiropractor? Two words: recurring revenue. Whether you’re a chiropractor or a lawyer or a CPA, it is almost too easy to get caught in an endless chase for clients just to keep the practice afloat. Frustrated by this inefficient business model, Las Vegas chiropractor and business owner, Joshua Satterlee came up with an ingenious idea, where he productizes his service to get a steady pool of clients instead of having to chase them one by one all the time. From experience sprung Clinic/Gym Hybrid, Josh’s business coaching program, where he teaches chiropractors and physical therapists this ultimate business model. Joining Larry Weinstein in this episode, Josh explains how such a model can be applied to any practice, including the legal and accounting professions. Did you know Josh is also a whiz in practice automation? You’ll get some of that too, so tune in!

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