Turning Your Legal Knowledge into a Saleable Product


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Representing your own business in small claims cases can be a tough nut to crack. One, you probably don’t know what you’re doing. Two, you most likely cannot afford to pay for an attorney for such a small case or, in some states, you’re not even allowed to take one. Would you believe there was a way to kill these two birds with one stone (in Georgia, at least)? Steven Lefkoff introduces Gavel, an online coaching course powered by Small Claims Academy, which makes legal coaching more easily available and affordable for pro se litigants. Lefkoff has his own firm, Lefkoff Law, which provides general representation to motor vehicle companies and coaching services to people and businesses representing themselves in small claims cases. With Gavel, he ups the game by making these coaching services more accessible and affordable to the small claims litigant. As he joins Larry Weinstein on the show, Steven shares how he built his course and his dream of taking this initiative beyond the Georgian borders.

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