Why A Book Is An Indestructible Business Card With John H. Fisher


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A book is the most powerful indestructible business card that you can ever have to build a business. Larry Weinstein’s guest for this episode is living proof of this, and he is going to pick his brain to share with us how he has grown. He has over John H. Fisher, the founder of John H. Fisher, P.C., where he limits his practice to catastrophic injury law for injury victims in New York State. After publishing his book, The Power of a System, John became known as a top marketer, having been called the “Master of Referral Marketing” by Ben Glass of Great Legal Marketing. He tells us his incredible success journey that started from writing a book and shares some great tips on how you can begin the process of creating one your own. But before anything, John reminds you of the kind of mindset and motives you need to have with your book. It should not serve merely as a fluff piece about yourself; it should provide value and knowledge because only then can it be truly indestructible. Don’t miss out on this conversation to learn how to create a book, one that will be a cornerstone of your marketing and that people will hang onto forever.

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