#121: How this Accidental Activist Found Her Voice and Went Viral with Ivirlei Brookes


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I've been talking about this concept a lot recently. I'm a true believer that your pain has the potential to become your greatest power source. And our guest today is proof of that. On June 1st, Ivirlei Brooks shared a video on IGTV. She went live, there were about 11 people watching and over the span of four days that video picked up steam and was seen by millions of people around the world, including myself. Her Instagram account went from 11,000 followers to over a hundred thousand in four days. Now, imagine instant notoriety on a global scale on a subject that is highly traumatic to be discussing.

I am honored to have Ivirlei on this podcast, because she is a big reason that I have found my own voice. And I've been using it in a much more impactful way recently. I've been really looking forward to speaking with Ivirlei, to understand where that power came from for her and what made her create that piece of content that she never intended to go viral and the aftershock of what that truly means.

Ivirlei is an actress and mindset mentor for creatives. And like I said, she's currently going viral for a video she made providing anti-racist mindset adjustments for non-black allies who want to make a difference.

This is a really interesting and important conversation, and I'm really excited to share it with you!

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Ivirlei’s Viral Video: “White Women who Truly Want to Help: Here’s how”

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