Real World Evidence and Rare Diseases


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A striking life sciences trend has come into focus the past 12 months. Global regulators—often viewed as taking a conservative approach to transformative technology—have moved into the vanguard in discussions and guidance around real world data (RWD) and real world evidence (RWE).

It is not so much the case with payers. According to new research by Syneos Health on payer perceptions of RWE in rare diseases, many payers are not entirely receptive to RWE-based representations or health economic forecasts in sponsors’ dossiers or related conversations.

What accounts for payers’ hesitation? Michelle Leeds, Vice President, Risk and Reputation Management and Alastair MacDonald, Senior Vice President, Real World Late Phase, join the podcast to examine the issues from several perspectives based on conversations with payers, drug developers, regulatory experts and patient organizations.

For more detail on the Syneos Health research into payer perceptions, download the full report “Real World Value: Advancing Payer Understanding of RWE in Rare Disease.”

To hear more from Alastair MacDonald, check out Episode 031, “Real World Evidence in Europe.”

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