1265: Understanding AI UX Design for a Better Post-COVID World


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From contact tracing to four-legged drone delivery devices, trying to discover what the most effective "new normal" looks like post-COVID involves a significant degree of new A.I. applications most companies and consumers are largely unfamiliar with or even fear. H​ow can users and hyperscalers alike better understand new designs of AI/ML, that way we as a society can implement the best practices to come out of this pandemic unscathed? Myplanet has been working behind the scenes on this task for years. Over the past decade, Myplanet's team of mastermind developers have been on the heels of various cutting-edge A.I. solutions for a range of Fortune 500 companies such as Uber, Google, Delta New Balance, SoftBank, Salesforce and more.

Jason Cottrell—CEO and Co-Founder of Myplanet shares the look on the numerous projects Myplanet has already taken a hand in developing, and AI/ML designs the company is currently working on to help curb COVID-19.

Jason also discusses the importance of normalizing AI technology to solve some of the world's biggest issues, and how much of the existing technology we're familiar with is actually the same as what consumers sometimes fear.

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