1280: How Big Data and AI Accelerates Lending From Months To Minutes


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Keren Moynihan is co-founder and CEO of Boss Insights, a company that uses big data and AI to accelerate lending from months to minutes. Boss Insights started with a vision to empower lenders to measure businesses on merit and credit. In an era where tech giants have increased customer expectations, lenders and private capital providers are challenged to offer complete and personalized solutions.

Boss Insights' data platform gives lenders the clearest view of their business customers. The platform accelerates small business and commercial lending from months to minutes. It also increases sales opportunities for other financial products.

Their mission is to provide banks and credit unions with a real-time understanding of their business clients, enabling them to offer customer delight. But I wanted to learn more about how they are helping financiers to empower and measure business vision? To obtain a better understanding of the scale of the problems out there at the moment. Keren also explains how the US CARES ACT led to $659 Billion being approved through the SBA and the challenges that quickly arose as a result. But she also shares her insights on how the crisis led to banks, credit unions, and Fintechs collaborating in an unprecedented manner. We also discuss how technology will continue to improve communication and collaboration between borrowers and lenders.

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