1296: Affiliate Trends With Rakuten Advertising


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Rakuten Advertising is the leading global provider for marketing and advertising services and technology. Working with agencies and brands around the world, Rakuten Advertising brings together unique media inventory, a global affiliate network, advanced machine learning, and consumer insights to deliver experiences that increase brand awareness and marketing performance – while pushing the advertising industry forward.

Stuart McLennan, Senior Vice President, APAC Region at Rakuten Advertising shares his insights on affiliate marketing and the Holiday Shopping Report - https://bit.ly/2EdSr6t

He has a proven track record of building and managing high-performance teams, delivering multiple reorganizations and changing management initiatives to ensure the prospect consolidation position as The World’s #1 performance agency.

Highly experienced in creating go to market narratives to meet clients’ changing demands across data, analytics, and digital paid media, securing significant new business revenue and existing client cross-sell revenue.

We explore the impacts of COVID-19 on publisher networks and industries such as travel, hospitality, and luxury brands. But also how can these sectors can evolve and potentially bounce back. With online shopping experiencing massive growth, we also talk about motivating users when shopping at home.

Finally, we attempt to bust a few myths and misconceptions in the industry and learn how the marketing landscape will continue to evolve.

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