1276: Red Points - The Technology Protecting Brands


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Red Points protects brands and their content in the digital environment through their proprietary technology, which employs machine learning algorithms to scan the internet and identify all violations and infringements.

As a result, the company is the preferred brand protection partner for some of the leading global brands and content owners in the sporting, entertainment, fashion, editorial, and software industries. They have also been tagged as "one of Europe's hottest tech companies"​ by Wired.

Juan Galdeano, CTO, Red Points, has over twenty years' experience in software development. He is designing and implementing the fast-moving Red Points technology. Under his leadership, the Technology Team aims to deliver the best online brand protection technology.

Today we talk about how online counterfeiting is an issue that's running rampant globally across industries). It's estimated that by 2022, counterfeiting will be a $4.2 trillion industry, and global damages from counterfeit goods are expected to exceed $323 billion.

Even the most tech-savvy consumers are tricked by these false ads, resulting in lost revenue and a hit to a brand's image. Through Red Points, brands are now beginning to use AI and machine learning to detect and remove counterfeit goods across the internet (from Amazon to the smallest copycat website).

I also learn more about the advent of eCommerce and social media advertising. It is spurring exponential growth of counterfeits and piracy online and how AI is powering technology like image recognition to track brands, patterns, and products.

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