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Having worked as a management coach for 7+ years, Mads Singers has coached people in large organizations such as Shell and Coca-Cola and has worked with entrepreneurs in small companies.

His one main focus remain the same, effective people management – Organization no matter what size is build with awesome people. If you don’t know how to get the most out of your staff, you are missing out big time… and this is why Mads is here!

Management isn’t terribly complicated – with Mads' Effective Management Mastery course, you can learn the most important management processes and start becoming a more effective manager and with that start growing and scaling your company.

Walking the walk!

Working in large organization like Xerox & IBM Mads had a lot of coaches himself over the last 15 years and one of the things he looks for in a coach is someone who is walking the walk, hence he only spends a max of 20% of his time coaching, while the rest of his time goes to manage some of his other businesses:

AristoSourcing – An outsourcing company specializing in helping clients execute repeatable processes.

Client Powerhouse – A Local SEO company, providing SEO services to smaller local companies in the UK.

During the episode, Mads discusses the pitfalls that can be avoided when using proper management techniques. He explains that management is not rocket science.

Mads has an approach that is practical and effective. Anyone wanting to be a more effective leader would benefit from his teaching.

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