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Is there a new trend that's about to make white people a hashtag?

Prepare to have your breakfast ruined.

Now, the good news: those first two sentences aren't related and after a year away, we return with a heart-to-heart episode like we've never done before! Brace yourself, ignite your patience, and prepare for an episode you weren't expecting, but that's filled with all of your favorites and a few surprises.

One of the latest trends and breakthroughs is coming after lube and you may have to use it in an unexpected way to really get the benefits of it.

Facebook's "It's Complicated" relationship status? It's misleading and messing with you. Why is cash suddenly digital and people are turning to once questionable ways to get it?

We, also, touch on people putting far too much into the wrong type of relationships and wondering why they aren't getting any returns on what they've invested into the 'ship.

In this episode there's also quick serving of Tea & Cheesecake and two groups of people make The Butcher's Block.

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CHAPTERS: 00:00 – Intro 02:44 - Chewing The Fat -CBD Lube -White Peopleing -Waffle Stomping 9:20 - Do It For The 'Gram 9:57 - The BHive -What you should be doing during the coronavirus pandemic -Social begging in the digital age 14:50 - Talk Du Jour: 'Ships & Benefits 19:45 - Mail Bag 20:11 - Tea & Cheesecake 23:00 - The Butcher's Block 25:27 - Subscribe to The THRST 26:00 - Outro


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