Episode 64: An Interview With Dan Fleyshman


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Dan Fleyshman: Marketing master. Branding genius.

Whatever you are looking to buy is on sale this summer and a massive boom is on the horizon. Now that I have your attention, why are you reading this? Likely, because you are interested in knowing what will be on sale and you don't want to miss out on those opportunities. I have shared with you a valuable piece of information that you are interested in, and that is exactly what Dan is all about. In order to gain interest in a marketing message, you must offer compelling content that is interesting, sharable and informative. Traditional posts about your "showing this coming weekend" are stale, predictable and ineffective. As an entrepreneur, your job is to interrupt patterns and cut through the mundane, which is exactly what this episode is all about. Oh, and as for those summer sales and that boom...they are happening and we'll tell you when and where you need to be to capitalize.

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