The Trail Went Cold – Episode 193 – Noreen Greenley


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September 14, 1963. Bowmanville, Ontario. 13-year old Noreen Greenley leaves her best friend’s house and heads towards the bus stop, but never returns home. Shortly thereafter, one of Noreen’s sisters is nearly struck by a car and hears a female scream from inside, and it turns out the car matches the description of a vehicle seen near the bus stop minutes earlier. Five decades later, a tipster comes forward with an allegation that his deceased father confessed to killing Noreen and buried a car containing her body, but an excavation fails to turn up any evidence. In addition to Noreen Greenley’s disappearance, this week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold” will also chronicle another unsolved missing children’s case from Ontario involving the disappearance of 10-year old Marianne Schuett, who became the victim of an apparent abduction on April 27, 1967. Special thanks to listener Dagan Cardinal for providing the opening narration for our episode.

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