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A podcast on Chinese fiction and literature from the PRC & the wider Chinese-speaking world, hosted by Angus Stewart. All genres, all eras, all ideologies. You'll hear about the angst of Lu Xun, the romance of Eileen Chang, and the debauched sagas of literary 'hooligans' like Wang Shuo. Expect a lot of genre fiction too, especially from the leaders of the new wave of Chinese scifi: Chen Qiufan, Xia Jia, Hao Jingfang, and more. Don't forget about the translators either. The show has been host to big heroes of the C to E industry like Nicky Harman and wandering scholars like Dylan Levi King and Dong Li. In every episode there's also a musing over language learning, the quandaries of translation, the fraught fun of cultural exchange, and even the odd indulgence into politics, geopolitics, and philosophy. Join me & my guests as we journey across the page (and over the internet) through Beijing hutong and Shanghai shikumen to the cold, harsh landscapes of Manchuria and then down to the humid ports of Guangdong, as far as Sanmao's Sahara and the Liu Cixin's Trisolaris, and closer to home than you might imagine: there's always something human and universal in these stories!

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