CRE Investing and Servicing with Adam Behlman, President of Real Estate at Starwood Property Trust


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In a special episode, we welcome Adam Behlman, President of Real Estate Investing & Servicing at Starwood Property Trust, the largest commercial mortgage REIT in the US with a market cap of $5 billion. We discuss the volatility today compared to the Great Financial Crisis, the current mindset of borrowers, opportunity for the CMBS market, forbearance relief, and challenges in appraisals. Episode Notes: Comparing the Great Financial Crisis to the pandemic (5:39) Starwood’s conduit lending business (10:44) Opportunity for the CMBS market (15:09) The current mindset of borrowers (18:48) More forbearance relief coming? (22:04) The migration to Florida (25:05) Potential changes coming out of this crisis? (28:21) Challenges in appraisals (34:12) Questions or comments? Contact us at

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