Special Edition #1: Phil Keaggy Uncut! with Rex Paul and John J. Thompson (Happy Birthday Phil!)


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SPECIAL EDITION #1: Happy Birthday Phil Keaggy! – Listen to the uncut conversation between Phil Keaggy, Rex Paul and host John J. Thompson, conducted shortly before the release of their blistering rock project, Illumination, last year. How did a piece of long lost tape and 20 seconds of audio from fifty years ago become a whole new song? How does an artist as accomplished as Keaggy approach life as an indie? How does collaboration speak into his work after all these years?

You heard some short clips of this on the Pilot episode of the podcast last year, but now you get to hear the whole conversation in honor of Phil’s birthday AND to mark his 50 years in the faith. We all seem to have some more “Time” on our hands these days. Use yours wisely. Phil Keaggy sure has. (Includes excellent advice for up and coming artists and producers!)

This uncut interview is also a sneak peek of what's coming for folks who join our patron program. There's a lot more where this came from.

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