Truthzilla #026 - Tim James - The Health Hero -


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Welcome to another episode of Truthzilla! This week, we had Tim James, the Health Hero, on to discuss simple measures that we can take in our daily lives to improve our overall health and well-being. Tim is the owner of Chemical Free Body, a supplement company, who's goal is to rescue one gut at a time with honest, pure and natural ingredients that taste great, and have absolutely no harmful man-made chemicals, binders or fillers, just pure concentrated nature. Tim talks about his personal journey and how it has led him to where he is at today as a health coach, business owner, a speaker, and has his own show/podcast called Health Hero Show with Tim James. He drops some serious knowledge on us in this episode that has inspired us to take action ourselves. Enjoy!

Visit Chemical Free Body today to begin your Health Journey!www.ChemicalFreeBody.comIf you purchase anything from the site, use the Promo Code "TRUTH" for a 5% discount!

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