Remote Viewing: "Focused Inattention"


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John Stewart at The Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop John Stewart, founder of Intuitive Consultants in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, decodes the history and inner workings of controlled remote viewing -- a sensory practice developed in the laboratory of the Stanford Research Institute for the U.S. Military during the Cold War era with the USSR. CRV was used as a tool of espionage for 23 years. Since its declassification, CRV has been effectively employed in the private sector over the past 35+ years. Today, CRV is used by major corporations, law enforcement agencies, archaeologists, physicians and many other professionals who seek information not available through other means. Can ANYONE develop remote viewing skills? According to John, the answer is "YES!" ... The "secret" to remote viewing is to disregard your analytical thoughts and focus on intuition instead! Links to John Stewart ~ Intuitive Consultants Website Follow Intuitive Consultants on Facebook

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