"Your Word Is Your Wand" -- Laurie Kail: Trinitarian Wiccan


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Laurie Kail - Trinitarian Wiccan

Laurie Kail, or “Tish” as she likes to be called, has been pursuing the truth between boundaries we accept as fact and the possibility that our hearts, minds, souls and abilities are actually limitless. As a child, Tish always felt the Magicks of her heritage as the great-granddaughter of a Master Pow-Wow healer calling her to the metaphysical arts. After graduating from Penn State and entering Corporate America, she began to study her avocation by comparing concepts from mystical branches of various religions, quantum physics, and the Wiccan Craft. Her research into Far Eastern Philosophies prompted her to prod her 50+year-old body into Taekwondo training. Earning her Second Degree Black Belt and four World Championships paved her way into stunt work and acting on television and in independent films. Now semi-retired, she will forever pursue esoteric knowledge and is considering Wing Suit Base Jumping for her next Mid-Life Crisis.

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