Discount Code Abuse: Protecting Your Profits


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In this episode, we'll pull back the curtain on how coupon extensions work, and reveal new data showing how they really impact key performance metrics like average order value and cart completion.

  1. How do coupon extensions like Honey and Capital One Shopping get the discount codes that they share in their apps?
  2. When a coupon extension is present in a user's browser, how does that impact attribution?
  3. What is the impact that coupon extensions have on average order value and cart completion?
  4. If a merchant is doing affiliate marketing, what should they know about coupon extensions and how they affect affiliate fees?

Kathleen is VP of Marketing at, where she's on a mission to help ecommerce brands grow profits and make smarter marketing decisions by improving the effectiveness of their discount strategies. Prior to joining, Kathleen spent 11 years as the founder and CEO of a digital marketing agency where she advised hundreds of companies on go-to-market and digital marketing strategies.

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