6 Ecommerce Myths Holding You Back


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Misinformation is spewed left and right about nearly everything in eCommerce and it’s driving us insane.

In this joint episode, fellow ecom coach and podcast host Austin Brawner joins the show to dispel the top six ecommerce myths we encounter with merchants every day.

If you’ve been a long-time listener of the podcast, you know that Austin is a trusted recurring guest and in this episode, we’re hoping to put a nail in the coffin of six costly eCommerce myths.

Tune in as we set the record straight on Google PageSpeed, website design and copywriting, work ethic and so much more.

Episode Highlights:

Myth #1: You need to diversify your traffic
Myth #2: Google PageSpeed is crucial to getting more sales
Myth #3: You have to be the first to do everything
Myth #4: If a “big” business is doing it, it must be right
Myth #5: Hustle and grind is the key to business success
Myth #6: People don’t read on the internet

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