How Kettle & Fire Scaled Affiliate Relationships to 7-figures


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In this episode, you'll hear How Kettle & Fire scaled their affiliate and partnerships programs to 7-figures in revenue. We'll talk through best practices + actionable tactics.

  • The tools to identify influencers
  • How to get big influencers' attention
  • The difference between affiliate and ambassador programs
  • What are you paying for? Defining influencer deliverables and typical costs
  • Creating a VIP experience for brand ambassadors
  • Top 3 Most Successful Channels

Our guest today is Jack Meredith, VP of Marketing at Kettle & Fire, one of the fastest growing brands in the health & wellness consumer goods space. He was employee #1 and played an instrumental role in taking the brand from zero to 8 figures in revenue. Aside from his day job, Jack also consults for DTC brands on all things marketing and growth.

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