How Nomad Goods Drives Seven-figures Revenue Through Klaviyo


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Nomad Goods' Chuck Melber joins us to tell us in details what he's doing in Klaviyo to generate seven-figures worth of revenue annually.

Key Takeaways:

  • "A clean list is a well-delivered list"
  • How to segment abandoned cart flows for personalized content
  • The right ratio of plain text vs HTML emails
  • The most important thing to split test

Chuck started his post college life working in the world of ecommerce and marketing and quickly made the leap into the realm of UX/ID. Over the course of a few years he was privileged to consult on projects with companies like GoPro, Mozilla, and LG. Thanks to retail experience he brought a unique perspective regarding consumer electronics and a desire to make navigating the world a simpler, more enjoyable experience.

In 2015 Chuck returned to marketing, advertising, and growth with a broader appreciation for aesthetics and usability. During his tenure at Nomad he has established a strong foundation in advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing, PR, and influencer marketing.

When not working, you can find Chuck adventuring, fishing offshore, or in the kitchen.

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