How Stephanie Morimoto Built a Wellness Brand So Good Venus Williams Invested


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Stephanie Morimoto is the owner and CEO of Asutra, a natural beauty company so good that customer Venus Williams approached them to get involved.

Asutra offers over 50 organic, natural products – from natural solutions to help with pain relief and sleep to skincare to bath & body – for people who invest in self-care.

Asutra is woman-owned and women-led; 77% of their team are people of color; and 100% of their staff would recommend Asutra as a great place to work.

Key Takeaways:

  • How a "luck sail" led to the purchase of Asutra
  • Why she shifted from Amazon to DTC on Shopify
  • The double edged sword of selling in national retail chains
  • The unexpected way Venus Williams got involved
  • How a social mission impacted their hiring process

Stephanie is an enthusiastic board member of Equality Illinois, which advocates for LGBTQ rights; and Naturally Chicago, which creates an ecosystem for natural products companies to thrive. In her spare time, she’s an avid urban gardener who grows everything from tomatoes to lilacs.

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