How to Spot Fake Influencers


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In this episode, we break down influencer marketing for ecommerce with a Shopify merchant that used influencer marketing to launch their weighted blanket in 2017 with influencers including Kourtney Kardashian.

Guest Corey Turner is candidly breaks down:

  • The positives & negatives of influencer marketing for a DTC brand
  • How to spot fake influencers
  • What metrics to look for when picking an influencer.
  • Breaking down the metrics of a couple well known influencers

Corey Turner lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two kids (Henry, 3 and Avery 1). After graduating Northeastern University in 2009, he joined a startup with friends dropshipping mattresses. In 2013, they sold to MattressFirm. From 2013 to about 2016, they ran MattressFirm's ecommerce division. Late 2017, BlanQuil was launched just in time for the peak hype in weighted blankets.

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