Lots of traffic but no sales?


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In-store marketing & merchandising are the basics of eCommerce but something that is missed often.

Our guest today won the 2020 Shopify Commerce Awards with her app ModeMagic by Mason. She's conducted interviews with over 2,000 merchants, discovering their biggest pain point is "Lots of traffic but no sales."

In this episode, we'll learn what are the basics of in-store marketing - where merchants typically go wrong, and how to do better.

Born in a small town in north east India, grown up across India followed by working in San Francisco, Toronto & India, Kaus has thrived as a global citizen. These experiences have made her very empathetic and helps her connect to small business owners across the globe.

Kaus leads an all-star girls team, mentors women developers & storytellers across the world and is focused on creating a maker first culture.

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