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Access to capital in the startup phase – and to propel further growth – is a must-have for small businesses. But it’s not easy to get those much-needed funds, especially if you go through traditional channels. Lendio, led by founder and CEO Brock Blake, is a lending marketplace that has facilitated $1.7 billion in small business loans to more than 73,000 businesses. These aren’t the next Ubers or Facebooks but rather small retailers, restaurants, and the like – businesses Brock calls the backbone of entrepreneurship in this country. Lendio makes it easy to get funding and the process is transparent, and Brock goes into the how, but more importantly, the why, as well as...
  • The most important criteria for securing a loan (it’s not what you think)
  • How to face down a “near death” experience in your business
  • Why persistence isn’t enough by itself
  • Ways to balance business with family life (how you set up your day is key)
  • And more

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