547: Shari Flam on Raw Cacao from Belize and Ecuador.


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Supporting 4th generation farmers while making healthier chocolates.

In This Podcast: We've all heard some of the benefits of chocolate, but Shari Flam is harnessing the medicinal benefits of cacao beans by using the fermented beans in her tasty treats. Listen in to learn about ethically sourcing cacao beans, the health benefits of eating raw cacao, the different processing methods, and some of the treats she makes using the unprocessed cacao beans. She also discusses the mineral and chemical components of chocolate and how it interacts with the nervous system.

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Shari began her endeavors in chocolate 15 years ago as a home-based business for family and friends. A dream finally blossomed 3 years ago with the start of communal Uprising chocolate driven by a passion to help the planet and spread awareness through the heart-opening benefits of the cacao. The treats are all free of white sugar, completely ethically and environmentally sound using no plastic and purchased through a South American Co-op. Communal Uprising chocolate works for them, they do not work for us, says Shari. We educate about the benefits of raw cacao and create a connection in our minds to positivity.

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547: Shari Flam on Raw Cacao from Belize and Ecuador.

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