548: Jeff Malkoon on the Origins of Peanut Butter.


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Blending nutty flavors for healthy spread options.

In This Podcast: When it comes to healthy food options, a common perception is that healthy doesn’t always taste good. After spending time in South America, Jeff Malkoon found inspiration to enter an untapped market and a mission to create all-natural spreads to cater to the health conscious while satisfying a sweet tooth. Listen in and learn about the origin of peanut butter and how it came to America. Then dive deeper into what inspired Jeff to form his own business blending some of the richest flavors without the guilt. It was obvious that Jeff had created an outstanding product when he completely sold out after attending his first farmers market.

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Jeff is the owner and developer of Peanut Butter Americano. The idea for this family owned business came about as Jeff was volunteering in Uruguay. He recognized that while peanuts grew abundantly in the area, people still preferred to consume sugary spreads such as dulce de leche. Inspired to find healthier alternatives, and after much trial and error back home in his mother's kitchen, 6 flavors of all-natural, low sugar, tasty spreads made their way to Arizona farmers markets. Today, alongside his sister Denise, PB Americano's mission is to provide delicious, nutritious and socially beneficial spreads.

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Jeff Malkoon on the Origins of Peanut Butter.

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