553: Jason Johns on Berries and Brassicas


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Jamming in the garden with healthy, tasty, fruits and vegetables.

In This Podcast: Berries and brassicas come from two different plant families, and like many plants, they have some unique environmental requirements. Jason Johns has experimented in the garden and written books that share his secrets on how to bring these health-bearing edible plants to the back yard. Listen in to learn about growing berries and brassicas, the surprising facts about soil management for growing berries, and how to avoid unexpected pests in the garden.

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Jason is the author of Growing Brassicas and Berry Gardening, as well as many other gardening books hoping to inspire people to take up gardening themselves and successfully grow their own delicious fresh fruit and vegetables. Jason is passionate about gardening, having grown his own produce for over twenty years. He started with a secondhand greenhouse and an 8’ by 6’ patch of his mother’s garden, and since then has worked his way through various allotments and gardens, growing everything from radishes to carrots to giant pumpkins.

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Jason Johns on Berries and Brassicas.

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