Jeremy LaKosh Returns! History in Context host on Christopher Columbus, the centralization of government and economics


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A new YouTube channel that will shatter what you think you know about historical figures has just been created by accountant and retirement community CEO Jeremy LaKosh. During LaKosh’s conversation with Vance Crowe they talk about:
  • The Illinois government is more than 3 months behind on paying Medicaid obligations to retirement communities.
  • The shocking stories that made Christopher Columbus a person that we still talk about after 500 years.
  • Why social media has become a zero-sum, honor culture situation where robust debate can’t occur.
  • How Milton Friedman’s “Free to Choose” had such a large impact on the culture’s understanding of economics.
  • How the terms “republican” and “democrat” represent the form of thinking of the people in their parties.
Historical Context YouTube Channel: To watch the first conversation that Jeremy had with Vance Crowe (A Government’s Guide to Exploiting the Elderly) : To learn more about the Articulate Ventures Network:

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