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On June 29, 2013, 25-year-old Jayme Bryant contacted several family members and let them know that he had been to the hospital on June 28 after sustaining injuries from a fall. He said that the doctors thought he could have pneumonia and told him to return the following day. Jayme told his mom that he would call her after he left the hospital, but that call never came and no one ever heard from Jayme Bryant again.

Jayme was quite a nomadic individual. He bounced around, staying with various friends and only owned a backpack full of belongings. If friends and family went a few days or even a week without hearing from him, it was not out of the norm. However, after about a week, his friends reached out to Jayme's sister to see if he had spoken to his family. When they realized that he was nowhere to be found, they filed a missing persons report. Since that time, his family has not learned much more about where Jayme Bryant may have gone or what happened to him. He has not spoken or reached out to any of his friends or family since June 2013. Jayme has seemingly disappeared into thin air. There were some rumors that he may have attended a music festival on June 30, 2013, but there has been no concrete evidence to substantiate that.

If you have information on his whereabouts, please contact Detective Rivard of the Kalamazoo Public Safety Dept. at (269) 337-8139, the Kalamazoo County Central Dispatch at 269-488-8911, or KDPS Detective Rivard at 269-337-8094.

You can follow Jayme's case on social media at Help Us Find Jayme Bryant.

This episode was co-researched and written by Marissa Jones and Erika Gwynn. To find more of Erika's work, please check out her podcast at https://www.apexandabyss.com.

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