Matthew Anfeldt Part 2


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On the evening of February 28, 2019, 20-year-old Matthew Anfeldt disappeared after leaving his mom’s house in Tenino, Washington. He had spent the day with his sister and her boyfriend. The three went out bowling together earlier in the day before returning home. Videos that his sister took that day show Matthew smiling and laughing. They returned to his mom’s home, and Matthew spent more time chatting with his sister. To those who saw Matthew that day, everything seemed normal. Matthew got up to get his cell phone and never came back to his sister’s room. Within minutes, she heard sirens outside and learned that several people had witnessed Matthew’s sudden, panicked behavior nearby. Dispatchers began getting more calls about Matthew from a Speedway a couple of miles down the road. By the time they got there, Matthew had disappeared. It has now been more than 18 months since that fateful night, and no trace of Matthew has ever been found.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Matthew Anfeldt, please contact Detective Hamilton at 360-786-5279.

You can follow Matthew’s story on Facebook at Help Find Matthew Anfeldt.

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