Hammer Horror, the Vintage Years - a retrospective of their Classic Horror Films


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Join us, Nick & Glenn, on this spooky podcast - where we take a look at the wonderful films from the great "Hammer Studios" - which we appropriately call "Hammer Horror - The Vintage Years".

As we delve into several of the early great Hammer hits, such as The Brides of Dracula & Curse of the Werewolf - we also look at and discuss some lesser-known Hammer gems, such as Paranoiac & Kiss of the Vampire.

In addition to playing clips from all of the films we discuss - we also listen to some great "horror soundtracks" from Hammer, as well as other classic film scores, such as The Exorcist, Count Yorga, Vampire, Halloween, and more.

So, if you want to spend some time with Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Barbara Shelly, Oliver Reed, and some Werewolves & Vampires - check this podcast out - guaranteed, scary fun.

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