27. a vaporwave collage, viva italia: quadratox's 1995 (special album episode)


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The Virtual Ocean is the “Let’s Listen” vaporwave discovery podcast.
What is vaporwave?
Vaporwave is a music genre (and internet meme) that appropriates mood music from the past while presenting subtle takes on modern-day consumerist culture. The genre has drawn many passionate listeners with its powerful immersion, ambiguous commentaries, and the genre's unique ability to amalgamate with the memes created as its byproduct.
It's a genre with several subgenres that are extremely distinct from one another in sound and style; and yet evoke similar archetypal ideas that say, either explicitly or implicitly, a lot about the modern world.
It's also very, very, aesthetic.
In each episode, we listen to tracks that make up genre and give our thoughts, emotions, and commentary on them.
Vaportrap. The beautiful marriage between the chill, ambient vibes of vaporwave and the power and kinetics of trap music.
But now, for today’s episode.

In this episode, we explore the work of Italian vaporwave artist Quadratox.
This album is one of EIGHTY projects released by Quadratox under the Business Casual vaporwave label.

This LP has by far THE most range than any album we’ve covered ever.
Ever wonder what an acoustic ballad sounds like with a vaporwave tinge? What about eurotrap? How about industrial and METAL?
Quadratox displays an impressive range and sticks the landing on most of it.
Ready to hear what it sounds like?

Let’s go atomic and set sail into the mind of Quadratox’s 1995.

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