"XT" CPUs coming AT YA! - WAN Show May 29, 2020


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Timestamps: (Courtesy of Imp3rial)

0:00 – LIVE 2:42 – Intro 3:18 – Story Time With Linus 11:10 – XT Ryzen 3rd Gen Rumor 20:19 – Social Media Content Censorship and Executive Orders 35:31 – Luke Disappears 37:32 – Sponsors! Savage Jerky: savagejerky.com Use Code LTT PIA: lmg.gg/piawan Anker: https://s.krpax.com/r/F8HbpD and of course, lttstore.com 41:50 – PewDiePie Says Linus Must Lift to Become Chad Linus 56:00 – Texas Instruments Banning Assembly Code on Its Calculators 59:07 – SpaceX Launch Delayed 1:00:19 – MacOS 10 Update Has Tool To Keep It’s Battery Healthier 1:02:39 – Anti-5G USB Sticks 1:07:16 – Super Chats 1:14:36 – Outro 1:14:58 – OFFLINE

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