Drug Research, Language, Stress, Cycle Lanes and Whitstable High Street?


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No messing, this month our show dives headfirst into seeing whether Simon’s stresses have lifted. As a result, we drift into how Phil is and why he hasn’t been out for a while. As if that weren’t enough, Simon expresses his very biased concerns about a drug under trial called Vosoritide. Why? In essence, it will make some people with dwarfism taller. Incidentally, in case you didn't know October was Dwarfism awareness month.

Phil raises questions about the new pop up cycle lanes and pedestrian-only areas. In many respects, this is a positive but have differently disabled people’s needs been taken into consideration? What might be the impact, indeed, does anyone carry out the legal duty of Impact Assessments? Simon decides Whitstable high street could be remodelled, he is, after all, an out of towner who visited for a couple of days

Language - Is BAME (Black, Asian and minority Ethnic people) done? What’s the new phrasing? Is it best practice to use the phrase ‘Best Practice’? When was it last updated? Do the criteria need updating every few years so it becomes aspirational and not a reflection of what already happens today?

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Links: -

Guardian article on Vosoritide

Little People UK and Royal College of Midwives

Wikipedia on Best Practice

UK Music Industry ‘Drop BAME’

Civil Service blog ‘Don’t call me BAME’

Varsity Opinion ‘BAME is outdated and doesn’t represent experiences’

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