Euronaval news, Attritable UAVs, and Dutch defence vision


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In this episode of The Weekly Defence Podcast our Air Editor talks to Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies about Skyborg and Loyal Wingman programmes and we consider how the UK MoD integrated review could change UK defence and security policy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Newsround: (00:40)

The US Army will evaluate the Patria Nemo 120mm turreted mortar system in a Foreign Comparative Testing exercise. Tests will take place in Finland and the US, assessing Nemo against US ammunition and US Army requirements.

Following delays caused by COVID-19, the Philippines has finally selected new light tanks, 8x8 fire support vehicles and 6x6 APCs to equip the Philippine Army’s Armor Division.

The annual Euronaval trade show and conference was held virtually last week, highlighting a number of programme updates and technology developments. During the show, Naval Group unveiled its futuristic SMX 31 E stealth submarine design.

News in Focus
Air Editor Tim Martin reports on the the Hellenic Navy set to receive a new fleet of MH-60R naval helicopters among reported workforce difficulties for F-16V supplier Hellenic Aviation Industry that could cause industrial complications for Lockheed Martin.

Tim also discusses all the updates on Boeing's AH-64 production programme, which has now been restarted in the middle of an investigation concerning previously reported safety issues.

The Dutch MoD has released its new Defence Vision 2035 which forecasts a doubling in upcoming budget request to match the outlined requirements. Is this realistic while European economies reel from the impact of COVID-19?

Interview- Mitchell Institute for Aerospace studies (22:00)

Tim Martin is on the line with Mark Gunzinger, Director of Future Concepts and Capability Assessments at the Mitchell Institute, and Lukas Autenried, Senior Analyst at the Mitchell Institute. They discuss the recently released paper Understanding the Promise of Skyborg and Low-Cost Attritable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, which analyses how US Air Force can maintain high readiness and modernise an aircraft inventory that is both old and small.

Interview- A conversation around UK integrated review (44:40)

Senior Editor Naval Richard Thomas is on the line with Duncan Bartlett, former BBC Tokyo correspondent and author, for a conversation on UK defence planning in terms of the Asia-Pacific region.

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