Ep 537 | Sanctuary Showdown: Trump’s Big Court Win


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It’s rare that the courts side with the Trump administration, but it looks like we are about to get a big win. Trump promised to defund sanctuary cities, and rogue judges decided to take national policy into their hands, handing down unilateral decisions blocking him from doing so. A recent ruling declares that defunding sanctuary cities is within the president’s power, though it may wind up at the Supreme Court. Then, when Congress isn’t busy unlocking the cells of some of America’s worst criminals, it is passing useless, symbolic legislation. When progressives take power, they put criminals ahead of everyone else. Finally, Naomi Seibt of the Heartland Institute is being called the anti-Greta, which she is not too fond of. She joins Jon Miller to discuss why her sensible, realistic climate solutions don’t make her anti-anyone.

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