Ep 538 | Forget 'Peace' Deals - Just Get Us Out of Afghanistan!


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A peace deal with the Taliban was released this weekend. Of course, it upset the warmongers like John Bolton, but it is an encouraging step to ending our 18-year involvement in that wasteland. Recent rocket attacks may pose a threat to the deal being executed, meaning we could be recommitted to Afghanistan indefinitely. Why waste time trying to make peace with terrorists? Let’s cut our losses and get out, regardless of the Taliban. Also, drag queen shows are thriving with their new target audience: children! These over-sexualized performances are traumatizing America’s youth, but that’s OK because parents must be woke at all costs. Then, bye-bye Buttigieg and Klobuchar. We wave a less-than-fond farewell to these losers who never should have been running in the first place.

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