Ep 539 | Down with Bernie! Dems Plot to Take Down Sanders Ahead of Super Tuesday


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Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Beto all suddenly grant Joe Biden their endorsements. The Democrat establishment is working fervently to prevent outsider Bernie Sanders from securing the nomination. Establishment Dems are so desperate that they are willing to put all their weight behind a candidate as sloppy as Joe Biden. Then, new reports claim China is emptying its Uighur concentration camps to fill up factories making supplies for major American companies. China is our enemy, and we must stop forsaking our values in order to help the Chinese government enrich itself economically. Finally, Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutlegde joins Jon Miller to discuss her support for a Supreme Court case requiring abortion providers to have hospital admitting privileges. The so-called party of feminism doesn't care about the safety of women; leftists care about unimpeded "access" to "services" that kill babies.

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