Navigating Postpartum Depression with Dr. Misty Gray


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My very good friend, Dr. Misty Gray, generously shares her experiences with postpartum depression and anxiety in this week's episode. With veterinarians' mental health status already at high risk, I wanted to touch on a subject that could easily affect any one of us as we enter parenthood. If your gut is telling you that things don't feel quite right after you've brought your baby home, please discuss it with someone who loves you! I'll also attach some resources below.
Dr. Gray's info!
Dr. Misty Gray is a 2007 graduate of The Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. She completed an equine internship at BW Furlong and Associates in Hunterdon County, NJ in 2008 and worked as an associate at the practice for the next 13 years. Her primary veterinary interests include broodmare management and foal care. Misty is also certified in Acupuncture and Chiropractic medicine. She and her husband, Dave, are enjoying raising their two boys, two cats and pup, named Penny! Any chance she gets, Dr. Gray will hop on a pony and let her hair blow in the wind to remind her of her childhood pony club days!
Postpartum Mood Disorder Resources:
-FAQs from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
-Postpartum Depression site from the Mayo Clinic
-Postpartum Health Alliance Screening Quiz
-BetterHelp online therapy (Get a free month when you enroll through the NOMV website!)
-Not One More Vet
-Crisis Phone Numbers (International listings also)
-Infant Risk/Mommy Meds app from Thomas Hale for drug medication guidelines while breastfeeding
-Balanced Breastfeeding - virtual lactation consultations with Katie Madden, RN, IBCLC (you can also hear Katie address working mom issues in Episode 3!)
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