Social Media De-Platforming, The NSW Coercive Control Bill, ICC Jurisdiction Over Occupied Palestinian Territories


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The Wigs are back together live in the studio for the first time in 2021, kicking off the year with three legal controversies.

First up, a look at the phenomenon of de-platforming, where social media companies restrict people's access to their platforms on account of things said in the expression of views and beliefs.

Secondly, the wigs analyse a new NSW proposal to criminalise so called "coercive control", extending the criminal law to domestic violence abuse which does not involve physical violence or threats.

Lastly, the Wigs examine a controversial new decision of the international criminal court in which the court's pre-trial chamber has ruled it has jurisdiction over alleged offences in the occupied Palestinian territories.

And of course, stick around for fun things at the end of the episode.

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