#41 Levi Harrison - Living As A Modern Day Hunter-Gatherer


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Levi Harrison is a modern day hunter-gatherer who lives in a tipi in the forest somewhere at the Top of the South Island of New Zealand.
After living most of his life in a big city, Levi felt the call of the wild and decided to unplug himself from society.
Levi hunts, fishes and forages for 90 per cent of his food, he bathes in a stream, and experiences a deep connection to nature.
However, in his own words, he lives between worlds. Despite his hunter-gatherer lifestyle, he still lives in close contact with the modern world.
He works as a freelance voice actor for major companies and has to leave the wild to spend time with his children.
In this episode, Jonny talks with Levi about how he came to be living this way, how he balances work and family life with living in the wild, and the way that he’s come to see himself as part of nature not apart from it.
While living like a hunter-gatherer is not for everyone, Levi says there a simple steps we can all take to live a life that's more simple and connected to nature.
Watch the short documentary about Levi, Becoming a Wild Man, on Youtube.
Visit Levi's website Living Wild to learn more about the workshops he leads.
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