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The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Radio Show from March – Oct weekly Heard on Joy 1340 AM & 98.7 FM Milwaukee, WI Saturday mornings 7-8 AM CST Heard on WCRN 830 AM Westborough/Boston, MA Saturdays 8-9 AM EST Heard on KYAH 540 AM Delta/Salt Lake City, UT Saturdays 1-2 PM MST Reply Sundays 9-10 PM MST Heard on KDIZ 1570 AM Minneapolis, MN Saturdays 4-5 PM and replay Sundays 2-3 PM CST Heard on WAAM 1600 AM & 92.7 FM Ann Arbor, MI Sundays 7-8 AM EST Heard on WOGO 680 AM & 103.1 FM Chippewa Falls, WI Sundays 9-10 AM CST Heard on KFEQ 680 AM & 107.9 FM St. Joseph/Kansas City, MO Sundays 10-11 AM CST Heard on WNAX 570 AM Yankton SD Sundays 10-11 AM CST Heard on WRMN 1410 AM & 96.7 FM Elgin/Chicago, IL Sundays Noon-1 PM CST Heard on KMET 1490 AM & 98.1 FM Banning, CA Tuesdays 9 - 10 AM PST Check out Email your questions to Or call 24/7 leave your question at 1-800 927-SHOW In segment four Joey and Holly answer gardener's questions Q Topping tomato plants. What do you recommend? Do you cut the top of the leader stem or just the flowers? How long before the first frost do you do that? Are there any other crops I should do this to? Thank you! I love listening to you guys and appreciate all your work. I heard about it from a friend and wasn't sure if it was a gardening myth or not. I thought "I better ask Joey and Holly because they would know the truth Catherine A: Q About when should the spring onions start growing the flowers, does it have to be a certain amount of years old. And I planted a spring onions I got from a store by taking the root part. A:It takes 2 years for an onion to get to seed. If you get a store onion it will go to see the first year BUT you do not know what type of onion it is. type meaning long day sort sort day or mid day length onion. to get a bulb you have to grow the right kind for the area you live Q My lawn had multiple brown spots. I initially thought that the grass had become dormant due to our dry weather. After several heavy rains, there were no changes. The grass remains dry and raking (garden rake) leaves the ground practically bare. I don't think this is a matter of dormancy. Any ideas? Joe A: This is the second year my Amish Paste tomatoes have been a disaster! Last year the rains made them burst and rot on the vine and this year even the "good" ones are rotting inside. My German Pink tomatoes are big and wonderful. I'm in the city of Milwaukee. Scott A.Thanks for your question. These problems are due to inconsistent watering. Amish paste is more sensitive to that. Consistent watering is key. Here is a link to why the rot is happening more specifically Check out the companies that make the show possible Power Planter of Proplugger of World's coolest rain gauge Rootmaker of Us coupon code TWVG at checkout and save 10% of your order Tomato snaps of Chapin Manufacturing Inc. of Pomona pectin of Iv organics of Dr. JimZ of Seed Savers Exchange of Waterhoop of Green Gobbler of Nessalla koombucha of MI Green House LLC of Phyllom BioProducts of Happy leaf led of Neptunes harvest of Dripworks of We Grow Indoors of Harvestmore of Deer defeat Blue ribbon organics Bluemel's garden & landscape center Milwaukee,WI official garden center of the show Wisconsin Greenhouse company of Chip Drop of Tree-Ripe Fruit Co of Big elk Garlic farm Pearls premium Ultra Low Maintenance Use coupon code Joey20 to save 20% off your order

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