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Kevin Connolly is best known for his role as Eric Murphy aka "E" in the HBO smash hit: Entourage.He also appeared in the blockbuster films: The Notebook and He's Just Not That Into You.Today, Connolly has a skyrocketing career as a director, having directed multiple acclaimed episodes of TV for The Oath and Snatch, as well as the films: Dear Eleanor and Gotti.He began his career at age six, appearing in commercials, including the "Betcha bite a chip" campaign for Chips Ahoy!.In 1990, he landed his first film role, as Chickie in Rocky V. Two years later, Connolly was cast as Shaun Kelly in the film adaptation of Myron Levoy's novel Alan & Naomi, and co-starred with Tobey Maguire in the Fox sitcom Great Scott!.His appearance in the series later earned him a Young Artist Award nomination for: Best Young Actor Co-starring in a Television Series.After this, Connolly continued his climb to stardom with roles in Unhappily Ever After, Wings, Getting By, and ER.Like JB, Kevin was born and raised in New York.



4:22 Being new in Hollywood, moving here…early times in tinseltown

10:26 Pivotal moment working on Entourage

22:15 How much the industry has changed; streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon

25:17 #MeToo movement

29:06 Kevin’s dream role/gig


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