Fast Forward: Robots that Teach


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In this edition of Fast Forward our guest Mitch Rosenberg talks with Phil Bowermaster and Ron Powell about how robots that teach can revolutionize the way kids learn. In an increasingly data-driven world, do we need new approaches to encourage technical literacy at a young age? What about the need for kids to interact with real objects in the real world? And to develop both their creative and quantitative skills? The founding of KinderLab and the origin of KIBO Coding with wooden blocks? How KIBO gets kids interested in STEM Mitch Rosenberg is the CEO of Kinderlabs robotics ( He brings more than 30 years of experience in the technology industry in engineering, marketing, product management, and sales. He has executive experience at several successful technology firms, including robotics firms such as Automatix Inc., Kiva Systems (sold to Amazon in 2012), and Rethink Robotics. Mitch received his BSEE and MSeE degrees from MIT and his MBA from Boston University. Music: Videos and Images from and other sources. FF 010-814

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