How Learning a Language Opens Doors with Aubrey Carter from All Ears English


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This week on the podcast we are chatting with Aubrey Carter from All Ears English.
Aubrey is a certified IELTS instructor for All Ears English and is co-host of the IELTS Energy podcast. She received her master's degree in TESOL from the City College of New York and has been an ESL Instructor for 19 years.
In High School and College Aubrey developed a passion for French and language learning. But when she went on an exchange to live in Belgium she realized the classroom French wasn't helping her with speaking and connecting with real people.
She realized that the pathway to learning a language was through real life experience and building connections with people. That insight has driven her as she built a career in languages.
In the episode we are talking about Aubrey's journey with travel and language learning, why learning a language adds so much to travel, and tips and recommendations for people just starting out with a new language.
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