A Hundred to Two


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Holy poop, it’s the hundredth episode that is so big, it also includes the 99th episode of The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway!

The Monkees--“You Just May Be the One”

The Vindictives--“Apt. #2”

The Beat Boys--“Third Time Lucky”

Dillinger Four--“Shiny Things Is Good.”

The Five Counts--“Going Away from You”

Ronnie Burns--“Exit Stage Right”


The Neatbeats--“Rumors of a Man”

The Makers--“Don’t Cross Your Man”

Arianes et Les 10-20--“Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi”

The Neumans--“What’s Wrong With You”

The Turtles--“Let Me Be”

The Bomboras--“It Came from Pier 13 (Main Theme)”


The Dickies--“Stukas over Disneyland”

Caleb--“Woman of Distinction”

The Trash Templars--“Want To Be Like You”

NoFX--“Whatever Didi Wants”

Rocket from the Crypt--“Don’t Darlene”

The Seeds--“No Escape”

The Music Machine--“Masculine Intuition”

The Killing Floors--“No Quiero Nada”

Dr. Frederick Kopp--“The Dance Hall Twist”

The Easybeats--“She’s So Fine”

The Hanson Brothers--“Bad”

The Checkers--“Is He In?”

The Rutles--“It’s Looking Good”

The Registrators--“Kiss Me Kiss Me”

The Young Aristocracy--“Look and See”

Eddie Noack--“Psycho”

The Sonics--“Psycho”

The Yardbirds--“No Excess Baggage”


Schlong--“Ass Me Tomorrow, Butt Don’t Tell Me You Love Me”

The Moquettes--“Right String, but the Wrong Yo-Yo”

Ice Cube--“Steady Mobbin’”

The Ventures--“Mexico”

They Might Be Giants--“Whistling in the Dark”

The Trashies--“I’m High, So What”

The Reds--“Ready Steady Reds”

The Infections--“Be a Man”

Eclectic Method--“Eddie Murphy Remix” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH2Iqy2ofsY)

Ramones--“Bad Brain”

The Pets--“Place in My Heart”

The King Khan & BBQ Show--“Waddlin’ Around”

The Damned--“Hit or Miss”

The Everly Brothers--“Rip It Up”

The Mummies--“Shut Yer Mouth”

The Phantom Surfers & Davie Allan--“Sidewalk City”

The Supersuckers--“Coattail Rider”

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